Our Preschool Philosophy

Our child-centered preschool programs provide a solid foundation for future academic growth in preschool aged children. FasTracKids Preschool programs utilizes an exciting, interactive program with a focus on creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration. We also employ gradual separation techniques to prepare children for school. Schedule a free trial class today!

The FasTracKids Five C’s Advantage

critical thinking - fastrackids 5 C's

Critical Thinking

collaboration - fastrackids 5 C's


creativity - fastrackids 5 C's


communication - fastrackids 5 C's


confidence - fastrackids 5 C's


Our Staten Island preschools adapt philosophy from the world’s top four children’s education and research psychologists.

Dr. Mel Levine - more than montessori - nyc preschool b

Dr. Mel Levine

America’s top child psychologist. Professor of Pediatrics University of North Carolina School of Medicine, director of clinical research centers of learning and development.

dr. eric jensen - more than montessori - nyc preschool b

Dr. Eric Jensen

Founder of the “Learning Brain Expo”; the American Academy of Neurology and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences; professor at New York Medical College.

Dr. benjamin bloom - more than montessori - nyc preschool b

Dr. Benjamin Bloom

Professor, University of Chicago; contemporary American educator and psychologist; smart growth very rapidly in early childhood development, and early development of the environment in this area may also have a great impact.

Dr. Howard Gardner

Dr. Howard Gardner

World-renowned developmental psychologist, “theory of multiple intelligences,” founder. Human beings have made a complete smart “spectrum”, there are many different ways of thinking. “Every child is a potential of gifted children, but has been expressed in different forms.”