About Our Preschool

How We Stand Out from Other Staten Island Preschools

Choosing a preschool with a philosophy will set the foundation for your child’s first school experience. Our philosophy is to help students discover their own abilities and potential to learn inside a classroom focused on an interactive education.

At both of our Staten Island preschools powered by FasTracKids, we work closely with parents to create a specific approach to setting goals for your child. There is a plan and routine for every day. We offer a combination of play-based learning and structured activities.

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Program Features

  • STE(A)M Focused: Science, technology, engineering, art, math
  • Play-Based: We believe that at learning should be cleverly disguised as fun
  • Focus on academic enrichment: Our program is a great fit for Staten Island preschool children that need more individualized attention to hone their abilities
  • “Handwriting Without Tears”, multi-sensory curriculum designed to develop early writing skills
  • Experienced, certified teachers: Our staff of teachers have taught at top-notch preschools and hold Master’s degrees in early childhood education
  • Small class size: 5:1 ratio maximum!
  • Visible improvement: Track your child’s progress right before your eyes! Our parents’ waiting areas are equipped with TVs that have live video feed from the classroom cameras.  In addition, after each class, the teaches will verbally update you on your child’s progress and quarterly will submit a written report.
  • Academically focused: Develops foundation skills that prepare your child for the NYC gifted and talented entrance exams.  (OLSAT/NNAT, Stanford-Binet, or ERB.) Also develops early reading, writing and math/critical thinking skills.
  • Technology Integrated: Interactive touch-screen Smartboard Technology
  • “Zig-zagging”: teaching method to accommodate different learning styles
  • Theme-Based: Unique monthly study subjects for well-rounded education

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